Edmonton, AB

James & Sean with Toby

Our story begins in 2016, when we started our search for a fluffy new family member.  After months of looking, we received a referral to Morning Smile, a Labradoodle breeder in Sherwood Park that came highly recommended.  We decided to reach-out for additional information and that was when we had our first contact with Twilla. 

The first phone call we had with her was over two-hours long – she explained her process, her dogs, her recommendations, our options…  we were floored!  Not only because of her insight, wealth of knowledge, and passion, but by how much she really cared.  We were very impressed with her screening process and took comfort in how much time and thought was put into matching a puppy to their forever family. Right from the beginning it was clear to us that Twilla put her heart and soul into raising the happiest and healthiest of ‘doodles, and our Toby is the perfect reflection of that!

The amount of guidance that Twilla has given us through the years has been endless and hugely appreciated. Getting Toby was a life changing moment for us, and Twilla was a huge part of that process. We highly recommend Twilla and Morning Smile to anyone who is even just thinking about getting a ‘doodle. You won’t be sorry! 

St.Albert, AB

Melissa with Finley

The dog I received from Morning Smile Labradoodles has changed my life. I have autism and was looking for a prospect to become a service dog but knew I was unable to  handle the beginning stages of taking care of a puppy so I assumed going with a puppy from Twilla was not an option. However, Twilla worked with me to find a dog that fit me perfectly and provided a board and train option from her assistant, Kylie, which is what I needed!  Twilla never places a dog in a situation that it is not suitable for the dog or the owner. She will place you with a dog that is actually meant for you! Finley is now 10 months and is on track to certify with the Alberta government as a service dog at 18 months. He is an amazing dog with a level head and he fits my needs perfectly. Great breeding is important but training is also just as important and Twilla realizes that so she also offers training classes which has made Fin an exceptional pup. It requires a really special dog to be cut out to be a service dog and Twilla is able to produce and identify them.

Edmonton, AB

Danielle & Thomas with Noir

Our family is so happy to have met Twilla and purchased a dog from Morning Smile Labradoodles. From the first conversation I had with Twilla, I just knew how much her heart was in everything she does! She has such passion and dedication to all her dogs and the lucky families they go home with. I think something special about Twilla’s breeding program is that you ARE considered family. You start your journey together with your dog and you are always supported and empowered to grow and learn with your new fur baby. Our family really valued Twilla’s commitment to training her pups and how that impacts your dog and family. Twilla’s knowledge of the breed is amazing and she provides a mini course with up to date, research-based information prior to your puppy coming home and it is always available at your finger tips. The process from beginning to end was empowering for us and we felt ready to bring home our fur baby and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. 
     You know your dog is special, when every time you are walking your dog and another Labradoodle owner sparks up a conversation by saying “Is that one of Twilla’s dogs?”

Comox, BC

Evelyn & Tim with Rayni

My hubby and I feel very blessed to get a  Morning Smile Labradoodle puppy from Twilla. Our new little puppy, Rayni, is our third Labradoodle and we couldn’t be happier .  Twilla, with all her breeding knowledge and being a trainer as well has made it much easier adding a third  dog to our family. Twilla has nailed it on what kind of personality our puppy has,  she is ……..  smart , happy and most of all, darn right adorable with all the wonderful Labradoodle traits.  I love the fact that when I have a question about anything, she is more than happy to provide us with great advice and help us out.  Twilla is so devoted to her  Labradoodles and their families which makes it so much easier for us as buyers.  Who would ever guess I would make such a wonderful friend in Twilla and have one of her beautiful  pups? So, thank you, Twilla, from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn’t be happier. Hugs! 

Calgary, AB

Laura with Izzy

Twilla was wonderful to work with, extremely knowledgeable about everything dogs and very friendly and supportive! We had endless questions and she spent all the time needed to ensure we had our answers.

She was also careful to ask US questions too, to ensure her puppies were going to the right home! This showed us how it wasn’t just a business for Twilla, she truly loves each of her puppies and wants to make sure they go to the very best family for them.

She hit the nail on the head with our Izzy! We have 2 young kids, so we were looking for a more laidback puppy, not the dominant one of the litter. Izzy fit right in with all of us from day one, and is a truly cherished member of our family . She’s smart, gentle, loving, and loyal!

If you are looking for a smart, beautiful, healthy dog, you will find that at Morning Smile!

Edmonton, AB

Gretchen with Scooter

When my husband and I moved to Edmonton for his two year work assignment, I knew I had the rare opportunity to have a daily job sabbatical and was ready to devote time to a puppy.  I had an idea of the dog for us.  We live in a small space so we couldn’t have a large dog.  We also wanted a walking companion that was sturdy and adventurous to fit with our active life.  I met a wonderful dog at a local business and was referred to Twilla and Morning Smile.

Twilla interviewed me and quickly matched us with a new Bernadoodle puppy from the Off the Shelf litter.  I had already picked the name Scooter.  She matched her name.  She came to us crate trained and a start to potty training.  She also came with a playfulness and curiosity that only comes from a secure, safe, loving start to life.

Twilla and Kylie have been so wonderful getting us started.  They offered a Puppy Quick Start session that was in our home.  They have continued to offer training that preserves the free spirit but also tames the impulses and potential unsafe behaviors that can easily take over if not addressed.  

Over the past year, Scooter has developed into a joyful companion.  She loves romping with other dogs and especially likes being chased. She is ready for any adventure and eager to learn and please.  Her only limitations are my own doubts of what she is capable of achieving. I guess training me was the most important.  I cannot imagine life without this beautiful soul.  Thank you Morning Smiles family!

Sherwood Park, AB

Paulette & Bud with Harley

We cannot say enough of good things about Twilla and Morning Smile Labradoodles. Harley formerly known as Red Baron is from All Things Red Litter of October 1, 2015.  We will always be grateful that he came into our lives, he brings so much joy and love it is just amazing. Anyone who meets Harley is absolutely enthralled with him. Doodles are amazing dogs and we have to give credit to their breeder, Twilla.

I was referred to her by her groomer, Ciera, whom I met at Curves, who mentioned that she had a new litter of pups, I have never heard of Labradoodles until then and fell completely in love. I thought it funny at the time that we had to fill out an application to see if we were suitable to have one of her dogs but when we met I fully understood why.  Twilla wasn’t giving her babies just to anyone, she loves them all so much she had to find just the right people to match her pups and boy did she get it right with Harley. Twilla takes an avid interest in how her babies are doing through her website and her puppy training classes. I have had to call on her many times over the course of the last three years and she is always there for us. I remember just after we got Harley I was totally stressed that I was not doing things right, Twilla came to our home and spent a whole afternoon with both me and Harley going over just very basic things and that was something I will never forget as I was having a difficult time being a new pet owner. She even boarded Harley when I had to leave him for a trip back East, now how good is that?  Twilla just doesn’t breed dogs, she creates families and friendships with all who is blessed enough to have one of her dogs.  I am constantly referring people to her and tell them that you guys are amazing.

We still live in Sherwood Park and Harley loves to go for his walks especially in the winter because we know Doodles love their snow. He is a constant fixture at the greenhouse and Harley Davidson shop and in the summer loves going to the coffee shop with mom and dad.  He is a very sociable guy and loves people.

Spruce Grove, AB

Christina with Barkley

Hi Everyone!  My name is Barkley and I want to tell you about Twilla, The Morning Smile Family, Alliance Dog Academy and my furever family.  Lots of other breeders told my family to talk to Twilla.  You see my family needed a special dog called a service dog to work with their young boy who is pretty awesome.  Twilla asked my family LOTS of questions to make sure she could find the perfect match for their family and their son.  I am in training to be a service dog and I will keep you all updated when I pass my big test.  I have to be 18 months old.  I’m not even 1 yet!

Twilla is so smart and kind and honest.  When I was born, all my siblings and I were loved and taken very good care of.  Twilla has so much experience and spent so much time with me as a tiny pup that she was able to pick me to be a perfect match for my family. She made certain that my furever family knew EVERYTHING about bringing me home.  I even went to a special training and lived with a puppy raiser.  My bow tie picture is when I came home after I learned how to sit, stay, go potty outside and sleep through the night.  I also knew how to do lots more than that because Twilla knew how to breed smart and healthy dogs. 

Once I bonded with my family I began going to obedience training with Alliance Dog Academy.  Let’s be honest the obedience classes are just as much for my family as it is for me.  Alliance Dog Academy teaches my family how to balance my work and play so that I have excellent manners and can stay safe and keep my special boy safe too!

If you ever want to ask my family about how I became part of their family, just ask Twilla for my family’s e-mail and they will answer any questions you have! 

Sherwood Park, AB

Mary with Koa

I was referred to Morning Smiles Labradoodles by my friend who owned one of Twilla’s puppies. I discovered that this breed was so much more than just cute dogs – it was everything I could want in our family pet. Our Koa is so smart, sweet, fun, and doesn’t shed – which was a must for my allergies and my daughter’s asthma. We get so many compliments not only for how cute he is but also on how well behaved and calm he is.

After a detailed interview with Twilla, she selected Koa for us and he was the perfect match! It was nice that we could continue our relationship with Twilla through her dog training classes and she is a resource for us when we have any questions to this day.

I will admit that I have become an Australian Labradoodle snob but I can’t help it! I think they’re the best dogs ever!

Spruce Grove, AB

Carol with Tempe & Pepper

Tempe came to us in September 2014. Pet therapy was something near and dear to my heart and Twilla was instrumental in finding the right temperament for the job. Twilla was wonderful in assisting in training to become a therapy dog. Tempe is a volunteer for Stollery Children’s Hospital, U of A Hospital and several schools in Parkland County.

Pepper is our recent addition to the family. Pepper was already 4 months old. When Twilla described her personality I realized she was the one. A perfect fit into our family and a perfect fit for pet therapy. She has started training in the hospital and the staff love her.

I often receive comments of how calm Tempe is and such a wonderful temperament to work with kids. Staff at the hospital are amazed that Pepper is only 6 months old and sits so calmly while being petted. They are excited to see what her future brings. Thank you Twilla for matchmaking parents to breed and raise such wonderful puppies. They have blessed many children, patients and families beyond our family.


Vancouver, BC

Tera with Bailey

Our family was matched with Bailey in Sept ,2018, she is calm, gentle, smart and athletic.  We’re so incredibly thankful to Twilla that she found us our perfect family dog.

 Bailey is such a pretty dog, we get comments all the time about how beautiful her coat is, she is amazing with kids, dogs and loves to snuggle by the fire.  She doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body.

I have a home business and Bailey greets people without barking, jumping or bugging clients as they come and go. 

We love to see her in the morning when she wakes up and her beard is all smooshed to one side it absolutely makes our day.

I highly recommend Twilla as a breeder and trainer.