Puppy Quick Start Program

Want to start your puppy off on the right paw? Want to learn how to build a bond with your dog that goes deeper than you could imagine? Want to be able to enjoy all the wonders this world has to offer you and your puppy? Let us show you how with our proprietary program where learning is fun, engaging, and effective.

Our Puppy Quick Start program is designed to kick start the bonding and training processes for owners and their new puppies. As puppies are often left with little to no training or household rules until they are old enough for classes, this leaves the puppy at least a month to develop bad habits, which often frustrates the owners. By laying the groundwork when the puppies first come home, this helps owners keep consistency throughout the puppy’s upbringing and establishes good habits and routines.


This private session is done in the comfort of your home, where tailored information is given as best suits your family and house. The Puppy Quick Start session is best done when the puppy has been with their new family for five to ten days, although it is a great start for dogs up to six months of age with little to no formal training.

The program covers topics such as crate training, toilet training, basic obedience, and handling skills. Proper socialization is also covered with a focus on identifying stress signals in your puppy so that improper socialization does not lead to a fearful dog. This is a great time for families to ask any questions that have arisen while their puppy has been with them and receive personalized, detailed answers.

For more information or to schedule a Puppy Quick Start session, please contact us.