We Go Together Litter

We Go Together Litter

DOB: January 30, 2019

Type: Australian Labradoodle

Size: Medium (17-20" Tall / 25-45 lbs)

Coats: Wavy Fleece

Go Home Date: March 30, 2019


Revi is a first time mom and she is proving to be a gentle and patient caretaker, with her babies lacking in neither love nor attention. Cooper has once again contributed to a lovely litter and we are grateful for his part in creating these precious babies.


Jenny & Forrest “Jenny”

Colour: Red

Gender: Female

Five Weeks: “I am a big girl and can now climb over the divider in our pen! I love to chase the ball but need to learn how to pick up the funny rolling thing.”

Four Weeks: “This is snow? Whoa! Snow is cold. It’s white, just like my paws and chest. And of course my head! Ok… can I go in now?”

Two Weeks: With her pretty white markings, Jenny is adorable as her namesake. She’s the bigger of the two girls and favours the belly up position. She will need to go to a family who loves to give belly rubs!

Kick & Snare “Kick”

Colour: Red

Gender: Male

Five Weeks: “I like our new food, even though it does not come from my Mama. I still like the milk bar but now I drink water from the dish like a big boy!”

Four Weeks: “Look! My nose is almost filled in! I’m a quiet boy. I like gentle cuddles and gnawing on my siblings’ noses. Noses. I like noses.”

Two Weeks: Kick looks like his mama and is a sweet, contented puppy so far. You cannot help but fall in love with his little snuffle sounds! This little fella is sure to bring his family a lot of joy!

Mac & Cheese “Mac”

Colour: Gold

Gender: Male

Five Weeks: “I am learning to toddle, but I will be going super fast soon! I ran into Jenny today and she is so nice that she did not mind.”

Four Weeks: “I’m bigger than my brother but he likes to nibble on my nose. I don’t mind. I nibble on tails. Tails are fun; they’re waggy!”

Two Weeks: Mac is the bigger of the two boys. His fat little tummy proves he appreciates the milk bar! Soon he will be running around on those white-tipped toes! 

Sweet & Salty “Sweetie”

Colour: Apricot

Gender: Female

Five Weeks: “I like to climb all over my siblings! I called Mama for supper today but we got new food instead! It is good but milk is better.”

Four Weeks: “Hi, I’m Sweetie! I like laying upside down for my naps, and using my siblings for pillows. They nibble my nose and tail and I nibble their ears. Ears are hairy; I like ears!”

Two Weeks: Sweetie is all sweet and no salt so far. If she had a voice, it would sound like Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch – all dainty and sweet. Maybe there is a little bit of salt yet to come!