Once Upon A Midsummer Night's Dream

Once Upon A Midsummer Night’s Dream Litter

DOB: July 31st, 2019

Type: 75% Multi gen Australian Labradoodle and 25% F1b Bernedoodle

Size: Medium (17-20" tall and 25-40 lbs)

Coats: Wavy Fleece

Go Home Date: September 26th, 2019


Status: Available


Fable and Cole are pleased to announce the arrival of their small but beautiful family. With the sweet disposition possessed by both parents, their puppies are bound to bring much joy and love to their future families.



Colour: Chocolate Tuxedo Tri

Gender: Male

Three Weeks: This fella is one chunky monkey! Built like a brick and every bit as solid in temperament so far. 

At Birth: Oberon is a gorgeous chocolate tuxedo tri male. He is all boy with a solid stocky heft right from his first breath. His main interest at this time is pulling up a stool at the fullest milk spigot he can find… and sleep. He’s sure to draw attention with his wavy fleece “tux”.


Colour: Chocolate Tuxedo Tri

Gender: Female

Three Weeks: This wee girl is such a dainty little fairy. But she’s got nothing to prove and is very “go with the flow”.

At Birth: Tatiana is a chocolate tuxedo tri like her brother but as feminine as can be. She likes to take her time and enjoy her meals and is very polite when looking for her place at the milk bar. She will look adorable in the soft open curls she is going to develop as an adult.


Colour: Chocolate Tri Parti

Gender: Male

Three Weeks: This little trickster is going to be fun to watch. He’s happy to play his role as the baby of the family for now.

At Birth: Puck is a Tri Parti male and likes to “disappear” under mama. We have already grown accustomed to his trickery and find him playing hide and seek, nestling between mama’s legs or under her chest. This fella is going to charm onlookers everywhere with his flashy wavy fleece coat.