Grasslands Litter

DOB: August 5th, 2019

Type: Australian St Berdoodle Infusion

Size: Medium-Standard (19-24" tall, 30-60 lbs)

Coats: Wavy Fleece

Go Home Date: October 1st


Status: Available


These babies are they gorgeous! They are chill pups just like Sassy’s last litter. I am expecting some great things from these kiddos. I have already identified one to watch for service dog potential and another for therapy work. Do not miss out on the tremendous temperaments we get from Sassy’s babes.


Blue Arrow Spear Grass (Arrow)

Colour: Black Parti

Gender: Male

Six Weeks: Arrow has a special future planned as a service dog to a person who needs this calm boy in his life. Congratulations Lukas!

Newborn: Hey this little fella has an arrow in his head so this name seemed fitting!

Pink Cotton Candy Grass (Candy)

Colour: Red Splash

Gender: Female

Six Weeks: Candy is a very sweet and affectionate girl. She likes to play and has a fairly quiet temperament. Plus she’s adorable!

Newborn: This little girl is a stunner with her white markings!

Dixieland Grass (Dixie)

Colour: Black Parti

Gender: Female

Six Weeks: Dixie is a sturdy girl in body and mind. She’s resilient and personable; a girl everyone will love. And look at her freckled nose!! How cute is that?

Newborn: Dixie is a beautiful black parti female with nice symmetry.

Hot Rod Switch Grass (Hot Rod)

Colour: Phantom Tri

Gender: Male

Six Weeks: Hot rod is built like a brick: solid and sturdy with a temperament to match. He is easy going and chill; a lovely boy.

Newborn: This fella is sure to please with his gorgeous colours.

Knotty Spear Grass (Knotty)

Colour: Phantom Tri

Gender: Female

Six Weeks: Knotty is progressing in such fantastic fashion that we have decided to hold her back as a potential add to our breeding program.

Newborn: This little girl is gorgeous!

Kyoto Super Dwarf Grass (Kyoto)

Colour: Black Parti

Gender: Male

Six Weeks: Look at little Kyoto! Looks like he dipped his face in ink! This little guy is happy-go-lucky and full of love to give.

Newborn: This flashy kid has a queen’s kiss the top of his head (dot of colour surrounded by white).

Liriope Muscari Grass (Liriope)

Colour: Chocolate

Gender: Female

Six Weeks: Liriope is our small girl and what a sweetheart she is. She’s irresistible when she prances up to you for cuddles.

Newborn: This little girl has an irresistible face!

Black Mondo Grass (Mondo)

Colour: Silky Raven Black

Gender: Male

Six Weeks: Mondo is just a sweet little fella and he’s sure to be the hot of the show as his new Dad’s full time companion and shop dog. We know he will be well loved and cared for. Congratulations Clay!

Newborn: Mondo is an eye catching baby with that gleaming coat!

Fireworks Grass (Sparky)

Colour: Phantom Tri

Gender: Male

Six Weeks: Sparky is truly a big wonderful thing in a small package. He is our resident Georgie Porgie because he loves to give kisses! Nobody is crying though as we all love him.

Newborn: This guy has a bold presence with a calm and assured personality. He is being evaluated for a service dog prospect.