Family Picnic in the Park

Family Picnic in the Park Litter

DOB: February 3, 2019

Type: Australian Labradoodle with an infusion of Australian Shepherd

Size: Mini-Medium (15-18" Tall / 20-35 lbs)

Coats: Wavy Fleece

Go Home Date: April 4, 2019


Fancy and Malachai are back with their encore litter and what a gorgeous litter it is! Their first litter born last year was such a huge success, and we have been slammed with requests for more of the same. Fancy is as great a mom with this (her final) litter as she was with her first and we are so grateful for the contribution she and Malachai have made to our program and to the families who have their pups. We do have a couple of spots available in this litter so please fill out an application if you are interested.


Blanket in the Shade “Blankie”

Colour: Black Phantom

Gender: female

Four Weeks: “Yogi is my favourite brother and we love to snuggle together. I like nibbling on fingers as my teeth are starting to come in!”
One Week: Blankie is a smaller female and is super sweet. She will be a lovely little girl with her classic phantom markings. 

Frisbee Flip and Spin “Frisbee”

Colour: Black Tri Merle

Gender: Male

Four Weeks: “I am a miniature and the baby of the bunch. I like snuggles and am super sweet!”
One Week: Frisbee has very interesting markings and is the smallest in the litter. He is still a normal weight for a miniature, but smaller than his siblings. That hasn’t slowed him down any. He knows exactly where the milk bar is and how it works! He will mature to be on the smaller end of the scale.

Paper Sailboat Races “Sailor”

Colour: Black Tri Merle

Gender: Male

Four Weeks: “I live up to the calm waters wanted by sailors: steady, even, and calm. I like watching everything that goes on around here. Frisbee is my friend and we touch noses and play with each other’s paws!”
One Week: Sailor reminds one of a mosaic with his intriguing facial markings. Once his coat fluffs up, he is going to be stunning!

Sky High Kites “Sky”

Colour: Black Tri Tuxedo

Gender: feMale

Four Weeks: “I am a big girl, and classy in my tuxedo. Mama T says I am all dressed up with nowhere to go!”
One Week: Sky is a beautiful girl and chunky! We call her Miss Sausage for now.

Tag in the Tall Grass “Tag”

Colour: Black Mantle Merle

Gender: Male

Four Weeks: “I have found my voice and like it! Do not worry, I only use it when there is an emergency, such as when I am hungry and Mama is nowhere to be seen! I am the dinner bell of the household.”
One Week: Tag is as flashy as they come with his large white ruff and silver coat. Sure to be a show stopper!

Pic-a-nic Basket Thief “Yogi”

Colour: Flashy Black Phantom

Gender: Male

Four Weeks: “I am a total teddy bear; I want to give kisses and snuggles to everybody! I wag my tail whenever i see somebody. Mama T says I am “striking”, which must be a good thing!”
One Week: Yogi is such a sweetie. He is a classic phantom like his sister Blankie, but with a splash of white on his chest and hind toes.