Our Other Litters

Australian Labradoodles with a Twist!

As a trainer of 14 years and having a keen involvement in the service dog industry, on occasion, I get requests for dogs with very specific traits that enable a dog to perform specific service tasks. Not all breeds are capable of performing all service dog tasks. It is with fastidious attention to detail, we have infused the Australian Labradoodle with other certain breeds to enhance the drive for the tasks requested by those needing service dogs. While the Australian Labradoodle has proven its ability to perform a plethora of tasks, they can be lacking in the level of drive, tenacity, or stoicism required for specific clients. Adding a dash of Australian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, or St Bernard has proven key in producing dogs with the necessary requirements. Out of each litter, we find a couple puppies have the qualities required to fulfill that niche, whereas the rest stay true to their predominant Australian Labradoodle genes. The Australian Shepherds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and St Bernards we use in our infusion program are thoroughly vetted for temperament and health screening. The puppies that have pet personalities are placed in homes where they fulfill all the expectations of a wonderful family member. Our primary focus with always be with the Australian Labradoodle, but we are most proud of the results of our infusion litters. If you think one of these puppies would be right for you, please fill out our puppy application.