How to Adopt

Puppy Adoption Process

Getting a new puppy does not need to be fraught with worry, frustration, and endless sleepless nights for families or their new puppy. What we want for you and our puppies is so much more!

We take our responsibility for each puppy very seriously. We equally take our responsibility to each family very seriously. Above all, we want to match our pups and their families in a manner that allows all to adjust with as few challenges as possible. Bringing a baby home is always going to be a big adjustment for everyone.

As a dog trainer (all breeds since 2005), I have developed my program, puppy raising practices, and after care with a heavy emphasis on early training. Ensuring the puppies have a great start while they are here with us and continuing those practices once they go home is the key to developing the deep bond that all owners want with their dogs.  This is my goal, first and foremost.

Our puppy selection is a process in which I take all the information I have learned about you and your family and select the puppy that has the qualities that match your family best. It is best that prospective owners let me know what specific qualities they are looking for, such as certain colours, gender, size, coat type, or activity level. I want you to be thrilled with the puppy you take home. It is important to note that personality (temperament) is the singular quality that will lead to a successful placement.  I will work with the preferences you express as much as possible. I will also assist you in placing your deposit on a litter that is most likely to produce the aesthetic qualities you are looking for.  If my program does not produce the type of aesthetic you are wanting, I am more than happy to refer you to one of our quality breeder friends who does.

For your puppy to be an enjoyable companion, early training is necessary. For new puppy owners, we offer in home Puppy Quick Start sessions. For a jump start, please ask about our puppy boot camp services! It is beneficial if there are conflicts in your schedule between your puppy pickup date and life events such as vacations or weddings. This is also a great service for first time puppy owners who would like to get their dog started on the right path or if you simply do not have the extra time to devote to early puppy rearing or to catch up on sleep! We can insure your puppy gets a proper start with basic obedience, toilet training, crate training, household manners, and socialization. 

Application Process Steps:

  1. 1Fill out the application – this step is short and sweet.
  2. 2Phone Interview – we get to speak and talk in depth about topics that will provide both parties with the additional information needed. This is also the time in which you get to ask me all your questions.
  3. 3Training class visit – for local families (Edmonton area), we want you to pop by a training class of mine so you can see our dogs with their families and how they are able to work with their owners to achieve many skills that allow them to enjoy the big world in which we live. You get to see the different doodles, greet them, feel their coats, speak to their owners, and we get to meet as well. It is so nice to put a face to the name.
  4. 4Deposit is placed at this time if it has not been placed already. The deposit is $500.00 and is non-refundable. This deposit will get taken off the full purchase price.
  5. 5Now you will be added to our private family group on Facebook where you will find a plethora of information written with you in mind! Think of it as a mini course designed to prepare you for the arrival of your new puppy. You can also connect with longtime Morning Smile family members, who can show you what their daily life is with their doodles! Once your puppy is home, this is a great place to connect with the families of littermates to arrange playdates, find resources, and enter our family only giveaways! Many clients appreciate this step as it helps to eliminate the angst that families often feel when preparing for their new family member. 
  6. 6When the puppies are between five and six weeks of age, we will set up a time for you to come visit your puppy. Depending on the pup’s development, this time frame may be adjusted. If there are two puppies that are suitable for your family, you will meet them both and be given 24 hours to make your decision between the two puppies. This is when you will pay the rest of the full purchase price ($3,500.00 plus GST, less the deposit).
  7. 7When the puppies are between eight and nine weeks of age, you will be given a time to pick up your puppy. We will go through the puppy’s portfolio at this time so you need to allot an hour for the pick up. 
  8. 8After care: I am able to be reached by all my families for any questions they may have once they have taken their puppy home. We remain in contact as much as the buyer wishes and are here to provide support and encouragement. Due to the early training we do with our puppies, the transition tends to goes very smoothly but there are always going to be questions that arise when you get home with your new baby. I consider after care to be part of your purchase and is a service I take very seriously.
  9. 9Please book your Puppy Quick Start session on or before the pick up date if you are interested. We are available to book Puppy Quick Start sessions during daytime, evening, and weekend hours. 
Frequently Asked Questions about adopting
How much will adopting cost me?

Our puppies are adopted for $3,500.00 + GST. The initial deposit is $500.00 and is due upon application. This initial deposit is taken out of the full purchase price. 

How long will it be from application to take home?

There is a waiting list for our puppies. However, once I find a puppy for you, you may take the puppy home once they are 8.5-10 weeks old. 

Can I choose a puppy I want from your website?

You can absolutely make a request! There are a few factors, such as if that puppy is available and is also a match to your family’s lifestyle. Ultimately, the goal is to make sure the puppy and family are matched properly, regardless of gender or colour.

Is there a waiting list?

 Our reservation lists are often full for months but I do not over-reserve our litters.  Therefore, it is not unusual to have a couple of spots open up if we have larger litters or we decide to forego Breeders’ Choice positions on the list. Clearly it is best to reserve your place on the litter you are interested in as soon as you can. A $500.00 deposit will hold your place. However, we often have puppies come available late in the placement process due to changes in family circumstances or a family moving to another litter due to time constraints they are experiencing. 

How do you make decisions about which puppy you think would be best for me?

Due to working as a trainer since 2005, being hired to evaluate litters for other breeders (all breeds), and experiencing thousands of different dogs in my business and life, I see my puppies with the eyes of a trainer with incredible emphasis on behaviour and temperament.  My note taking starts from the moment they are born; evaluating how they entered the world, how they managed their first visit to the milk bar, their natural tendencies dealing with their siblings, and life as a neonate. My evaluation for each puppy continues throughout their development for the eight to ten weeks they are with us and includes evaluation of responses to a myriad of stimuli addressing all five senses, problem solving, and startle recovery skills. While this provides me with a very accurate picture of the puppies’ personalities and temperaments, I also need to get to know you, the potential owners of these puppies. This is why I place such an emphasis on the breeder-applicant relationship. Our conversations, application form, visitations, etc are crucial to the matching process. To date, I have had only one puppy returned to me due to an erroneous match. Sadly, much information was not provided to me and the answers to my application were not forthcoming from this individual.  This serves us all to know that placement will only succeed if genuine answers are provided and I rely on you to be forthcoming in the information you provide. We all win if we are on the same page.