Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Australian Labradoodle?

An Australian Labradoodle is a breed that has been developed via a mix of labs, poodles, and other spaniels and retrievers.

Is the Australian Labradoodle an actual breed?

Yes, the Australian Labradoodle is, indeed, a breed as it meets all the requirements listed by the UKC, CKC and AKC to be considered for recognition. However, recognition by these three big kennel organizations is neither speedy nor desirable for all breeds. Many recognized breeds are centuries old before they gained recognition. While many other breed communities want nothing to do with obtaining breed recognition even though their breed more than qualifies. The reasons for not seeking recognition with the largest kennel organizations are varied and commendable in most circumstances. Regardless, the Australian Labradoodle is a breed but not yet recognized by these organizations.

What’s the difference between a Labradoodle and an Australian Labradoodle?

In short, Labradoodle is a cross that involves no more than the poodle and lab, regardless of generation, it has nothing other than those two breeds involved. In comparison, the Australian Labradoodle is a tailored mix consisting of more than two breeds with emphasis on structure, coat quality, and temperaments with multiple world wide breed registries for logging pedigrees, providing incentives for health testing all breeding dogs, and codes of ethics in place. 

Why are they called "Australian"?

The descriptive “Australian” is in reference to the breed’s origin. The very first Labradoodle was bred in Australia. This would be similar to the Boston Terrier having its early development in Boston. Interestingly enough, the Australian Shepherd has absolutely no ties to Australia and was developed exclusively in the USA by using breeds that would produce a specific look and ability.

Do your dogs shed?

Technically all dogs shed, even the illustrious Poodle. However, the Australian Labradoodle sheds in the same fashion as other “non-shedding” breeds: Poodles, Yorkies, Havanese, Portuguese Water Dogs, etc. And, in similar fashion, they will require regular trips to a process groomer. With brushing, the Australian Labradoodle should leave little to no hair around the house.

Are your dogs hypoallergenic?

Technically there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog but certain breeds are noted as being far more tolerable to individuals with allergies. Our Australian Labradoodles are among the dogs considered allergy friendly. 

What sizes do Australian Labradoodles come in?

 Australian Labradoodles come in three approximate sizes:
Standard: 21-24″ tall and 50-70 lbs
Medium: 18-20″ tall and 25-45 lbs
Miniature: 14-18″ tall and 15-25 lbs

Do you ever have dogs suitable for therapy or service dog placement?

I breed with service dog prospects as a priority. It isn’t difficult to spot those who are going to be suitable for service or therapy work and with so many of our pups maturing to work as service dogs and therapy dogs across Canada, we are confident in our selection process. 

How long have you been breeding?

We have been breeding Australian Labradoodles since 2011. 

How long is your waiting list?

Our reservation lists is often full for months but I do not over-reserve our litters so it isn’t unusual to have a couple of spots open up if we have larger litters or we decide to forego Breeders’ Choice positions on the list. Clearly it is best to reserve your place on the litter you are interested in as soon as you can. A $500.00 deposit will hold your place. But we often have puppies come available late in the placement process due to changes in family circumstances or a family moving to another litter due to time constraints they are experiencing.

Do you health test the dogs in your program?

We health check all of our parent dogs for hips, elbows, PRA, CAER (formerly CERF), a cardiac examination, and a full DNA breed panel.  To date, we have had no reports of Addison’s Disease or any other genetic health issues in our puppies. 

Do you offer a health warranty?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive two year warranty on our puppies.

What does a puppy cost?

Our puppies are sold for $3,500.00 plus 5% GST. This price includes many valuable products and services in addition to the puppy. A deposit of $500.00 is due upon approval of application and holds your place on the reservation list for your puppy. 

How do you decide which puppy is best for me?

Working as a trainer since 2005, being hired to evaluate litters for other breeders (all breeds) and experiencing thousands of different dogs in my business and life, I see my puppies with the eyes of a trainer with incredible emphasis on behaviour and temperament. My note taking starts from the moment they are born: evaluating how they entered the world, how they managed their first visit to the milk bar, their natural tendencies dealing with their siblings, and life as a neonate. My evaluation for each puppy continues throughout their development for the 8-10 weeks they are with us and includes evaluation of responses to a myriad of stimuli addressing all five senses, problem solving, and startle recovery skills. While this provides me with a very accurate picture of the puppies’ personalities and temperaments, I also need to get to know you, the potential owners of these puppies. This is why I place such an emphasis on the breeder-applicant relationship. Our conversations, application form, visitations, etc is crucial to the matching process. To date, I have had only one puppy returned to me due to an erroneous match. Sadly, much information was not provided to me and the answers to my application were not forthcoming from this individual. This serves us all to know that placement will only succeed if genuine answers are provided and I rely on you to be forthcoming in the information you provide. We all win if we are on the same page.

When can I take my puppy home?

Our puppies go home between 8.5-10 weeks of age. 

What can I expect from your after purchase client care?

I am the quintessential mother hen so I sleep with my phone next to my pillow any time puppies are going home to their new families. Although I raise my pups and prepare their families to ensure a smooth transition and rarely get calls in the middle of the night, I feel better knowing that I am there to assist in any situation during those first few nights. I am always available to chat and answer questions my buyers may have. I also switch hats from breeder to trainer once my babies go home so our relationship transforms to a longer term one as I further assist you in your life with your puppy. I am only a text away and can generally arrange to speak on the phone within a time period conducive to the issue. I am very proud to say that my clients continually commend me for my aftercare, stating that the ongoing support is invaluable to them. This fact brings me much joy because the more successful you are with your pup, the better life my babies have.