About the Breeders

We are a small but proud breeder of the authentic Australian Labradoodle.  If someone had told me years ago that I would have the privilege to become involved in the stewardship of this marvelous breed, I do not know that I would have believed them.  My primary focus has always been dog training, but after two years of research into the breed, an amazing opportunity to purchase an established Australian Labradoodle breeding program presented itself. It felt like a natural progression for me and today I can say that I have absolutely no regrets and only wish I had encountered the Australian Labradoodle years ago.

Here at Morning Smile Labradoodles, we strive to maintain the authentic Australian Labradoodle qualities: calm sweet nature, deep affection for people and animals of all species, assisting individuals with challenges, and that happy-go-lucky, family friendly companion that has made the authentic Australian Labradoodle a welcomed member to so many homes around the world.  We have a variety of lines in our breeding program including standards from the original Tegan and Rutland Manor, all of which produce superb puppies.  Although our goal is to maintain our incredible standard Australian Labradoodles, we are excited about the addition of our miniature and medium size puppies.  They are truly dynamic dogs in a smaller package. Regardless their size, they impress and amaze me every day.

Not only do we health test all the dogs in our program; those dogs are also the product of health tested lineage. We health check all of our parent dogs for hips, elbows, PRA, CAER (formerly CERF), a cardiac examination, and a full DNA breed panel.  To date, we have had no reports of Addison’s Disease or any other genetic health issues in our puppies.  We require all our parent dogs to exhibit the true Australian Labradoodle temperament in addition to good health and breed standard in order to be a part of our breeding program. This is the only way we are able to pass on healthy, viable puppies to you, our valued puppy families.